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Buying a business is one of the most important as well as largest purchases of many people’s life. Not only do we help you locate the business of your choice, we work very closely with the client to help them analyze their situation as well as the business and find the perfect fit. Along the way, we ensure that you are supplied with information every step of the way so you know what is going on and can make the best possible decisions for yourself. We value good service and knowledge and believe that it’s very important to not only be able to located a business itself, but to have general business knowledge to be able to advise the client on their purchase. Read below for just a few of the things we offer to our buyers for working with us.

FBS Price Breakdown w/ every L.O.I. (Letter of Intent) –

We don’t just write a quick Letter of Intent on your behalf and send it to the seller. With every L.O.I., we attach a comprehensive breakdown of why the Seller should accept the offer that we made. This not only makes the deal go smoother, but often results in a better price for the Buyer.

Financing Help – Financing a business is usually one of the toughest thins to do, especially in a bad economy. However, there are many alternatives and approaches you can take. Not only do we help you find the business, we will work closely with you to help you find financing or negotiate a deal that works for you.

General Business Knowledge – As described above, we don’t want to just find you a business and send you on your way. We want to help you pick out the best possible business that fits you. 

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