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Selling a Business is an extremely difficult process. It can be very exhausting for owners. We are here to ensure that the process goes smoothly and your exit strategy is executed to your liking.

Broker Co-Op. –

We are one of the few Business Brokerages around that Co-op with other companies. Most companies refuse to split their commission with the Buyer’s Agent(s), resulting in less exposure and a limited network of potential buyers. We believe that the greater the exposure we can give a business, the more the likelihood of it selling, and for more money. And what better way to get exposure than to offer the Buying agent a reason to bring their clients to see your business.

Confidentiality –

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in this day and age. Whether you want to make the sale public or only want us to advertise to a very select and private target market, we will work with you to make that happen. We ensure that both parties sign confidentiality agreements along the way to make sure that no one has the right to harm you business in any way possible.


Valuating a business is a very important step in the sales process of a business. A good starting price will help sell the business in less time and for more money. Before we price your business, we do diligent research and provide you with all our findings and analysis. In addition, we go over your goals in regards to the sales process. Because there are so many details and variations involved, we work with every business owner in order to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Proactive Approach

Fayer Business Solutions is a huge believer in the Proactive approach to business. We don’t just list your business and sit back hoping that we get lucky and sell it. We work very hard to determine the best possible target market for the purchase of your business and use numerous methods to get them to see the listing. We won’t waste our time and yours advertising to people who have no interest in buying your business.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns-

Since every business is different, how can someone use the same marketing approach to sell them? They can’t. That is why, unlike many other brokerages around, we create a personalized marketing campaign for each of our business listings.

Contract Assistance РContracts can be very complicated and confusing. A few words in he wrong place can make or break the deal. We will make sure to find proper legal help that will explain everything  you need to know about the sale and ensure a smooth transaction.

Buyer Pre-Qualification(Verification) & Assistance –

No one likes to have their time wasted. Especially when they are busy running their own business. We make sure that we eliminate those people who want to do just that. Before we bring a buyer to see your company, we make sure they are pre-qualified and capable of purchasing it. We check their financial statement and if needed, work with them to assist them in getting financing for the purchase of the business.


Many business are very reliant on the Owner. We realize that many owners might not want everyone to know that they will be leaving their business or selling it to someone else. Because of this, before anyone get’s any information about your business, we make sure they sign a non-disclosure. This prevents them from discussing any information they get in regards to the sale of the business with anyone else.

Access to Multi-site listings

If you list with us, your listing will be on numerous sites as well as publications. We determine the best marketing approach and actively pursue it to make the sale.

Pre-Sale Consulting-

Even if you are thinking of selling your Business in a year or two, it usually makes sense to get some Pre-Sale Consulting. Most business owners don’t realize that with just a little bit of prep work before listing their business for sale, they can increase it’s value quiet a bit and also help create a much smoother transition. As part of services, we offer Pre-Sale consulting to companies.

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